Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 10 Dumpling Deprivation

Today was a hectic day of an appointment in Seattle, followed by errands, then running home and scarfing down a kale+apple+walnut+hemp seed salad then grabbing my son to take him to Seattle (3rd ferry crossing of the day) for a pre-birthday dinner at his favorite restaurant: Din Tai Fung.

This, my friends, was deprivation.

Lefty and my son ate about a bazillion* of these
*just an estimation

And they had bbq spare ribs and sticky sweet bus. And Lefty drank beer. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!
I had sautéed cabbage with ginger and sautéed garlic green beans. Water and tea. The tea I had was really good. It felt special. Like a treat! But not really.
Nothing compares to these dumplings. And the mean waiters kept putting the bamboo baskets filled with steaming gluten-soy-sugar-filled dumplings right in front of me! Do not go to this place if you cannot eat dumplings. Or soy. It's TORTURE. Unless you're into torture, then run, don't walk to your torture chamber in Bellevue Square.

My son looked at me, dumpling precariously held in his chop sticks and said,
"WHY are you doing this diet?"
And I said, "I don't know. I want to cry, so be nice." Or something. My blood sugar was low, so my memory is fuzzy.
But this dinner wasn't about me - it was about him. He lives for dumplings and was over the moon to be there. So yay for him. I sat across from them, my plates of vegetables licked clean, sipping water and smiling at them - both so happily shoving dumplings in their big, stupid dumpling holes. eating a lovely, delicious, special dinner.

Shockingly, I was still hungry after "dinner" so as soon as we got home (at 10:45 because we missed the 9:00 ferry by THIRTY SECONDS) I mashed up a banana and mixed it with some almond butter, ate it at the kitchen counter then went to bed.

Dumpling House - we get a re-do in June!!! I may leave with a bloated belly and headache, but at this point, I kind of don't care.

Today's food intake:
Breakfast  - blackberry/blueberry/strawberry/almond milk smoothie with chia seed & hemp seed protein powder.  Quinoa cereal with coconut and cinnamon.

Snack: walnuts and almonds

Lunch: kale/apple/walnut/hemp seed salad with lemon juice & olive oil

Snack: The Smoothie (this time with cocoa powder sprinkled in!

Dinner & dessert: (see above)

Water intake: shit ton

Green tea: 3-4 cups

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