Monday, May 5, 2014

Stop the madness! (Just add glucose)

It's 8:30 a.m. on Monday morning and I am feeling deprived. I'm feeling hungry and more important, I'm feeling depressed. Like the way I felt when I had postpartum depression. I'm talking to the doc on the phone today about the seizures I mentioned in my last post, and we'll talk about this depression too.  Clearly, I shouldn't mess to much with the delicate balance I clearly have in my brain chemistry. We'll see what the doc says. I'm thinking I may need to add more carbs back into my diet.

1:00 p.m.
Spoke with the most wonderful Dr. Pujari a couple hours ago, who took time out of her vacation to call me this morning. She agreed that I'm not getting enough complex carbohydrates, so today I'm adding brown rice into my diet. And if I still don't feel better after that, she told me to forget the diet and go back to the way I was eating before. As she put it, the western medicine side of her does NOT want me depressed, even if it might be a "normal" symptom of detox in homeopathic medicine (she plays for both teams). We had a great conversation and she said it was good that I found out what kind of carbs my body and brain need since this info will help me my entire life. Short bursts from fruit aren't enough and too slow of a release of glucose from quinoa isn't working for me either is what she's thinking.
I'm still going to do "testing" where I'll add brown rice to my diet today (just had a serving) and while I'd normally wait 3 days to see how I feel, I'm going to keep it in my diet from now on. And then I'll add barley in a couple of days and then corn. But never adding in wheat since that's the "harshest" (my word) on the brain. She said if I'm feeling better adding in the grains, I can go ahead and keep testing by adding foods in slowly. Or I can say, fuck it" (my words again) and just start eating my normal diet.

For now, I'm concentrating on getting the glucose back to my poor, epileptic depressed brain. Hopefully, my sense of humor will return so you can once again enjoy reading this blog.

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