Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 9 - 1/2 way through the deprivation stage!

I'm 1/2-way through the 2nd week of 3 weeks of deprivation. I am beginning to feel deprived, but thanks to Lefty (formerly known as "Butch"), dinner is still a wonderful culinary experience.

Things that have changed:
1. I no longer consume or crave alcohol or refined sugar. These are GOOD things! Once in a while, I'll think, "wow, a glass of wine would be nice right now." But I don't pour it and the feeling passes.

2. I eat probably 2x as many fruits and vegetables as I did before this started

3. I sleep really well

4.  I drink 3x as much water as I used to

5. My cycle went back to "normal" this month after being all over the place for the last couple of years

6. Better poops

7. I no longer drink coffee at all

8. I don't eat ANY processed foods

Things that have NOT changed:

1. Food baby/belly bloat!!!  Come ON, belly! Is it the berry smoothies? All the fruit? Or maybe I just need a good core workout that doesn't hurt my back?

2. Back pain, knee pain and ankle pain have not seemed to improve despite the fact I'm on an anti-inflammatory diet. To be fair, I found out last week that I have 2 bulging discs in my back after  throwing my 43-lb. daughter in the air 10 times in a row while in a pool over spring break.  (I was almost immobile for a week).

3. still have seasonal allergies

4. Low energy - but I think I'm still detoxing ?

So I'm thinking it's still too soon to tell, which is why this is a 3-week deprivation with a one-month re-introduction/testing of foods. Still have a week and a half to go on the "bland" diet. Maybe by week three I'll feel great, if not terribly bored of eating this food.

Which reminds me, things I like about this new diet:

1. morning smoothies
2. The Smoothie
3. Bananas and almond butter for dessert
4. no hangovers (or at least that 2-glasses-of-wine brain fuzz the next morning)

Things I miss:
1. Tomatos
2. potatoes
3. wine (sometimes)
4. dark chocolate after dinner
5. thai food
6. pizza night (GF, of course, but still)
7. Gluten - which I've been off for a while, but I still miss it!
8. Cheese

I'm not listing the last couple days of meals, because they're all pretty much the same. I did get the go-ahead to have fish 2x/week, so last night Lefty (formerly known as Butch) made a delicious dinner of halibut and green beans. Which would've paired nicely with a glass of Sauv Blanc...sigh.

Speaking of which, the next couple days in Seattle are supposed to be in the low 80s - in MAY! This is rosé-on-the-patio-drinking weather! i'm going to have to make some cucumber water and some sugar-free rosemary lemonade to try to fill that gap...and remind myself that the rosé will still be there in July, when summer REALLY starts here.
I hope I have enough energy and the green light from my PT to go for a bike ride tomorrow!

p.s. I almost took a picture of my belly last night because it was SO BLOATED, but it was too repulsive AND it turns out it was just the unpleasant monthly arrival of Aunt Flow who was responsible. So you're welcome for sparing you that.

p.p.s. I will share yesterday's lunch with you. I've been adding more quinoa to my diet to try to help with my lack of energy, so I made a salad of red lettuce, quinoa, celery, walnuts and roasted broccoli, leeks & carrots topped with olive oil and red wine vinegar. YUM!!!!


  1. if it makes you feel any better, my belly is poofy as hell. no change there. *sigh* still dragass when i run too. boo.

  2. What's up with that? Makes no sense. Especially for a runner! When I was a runner, my belly was always flat. But I can't run anymore...who knows, if I were able to run now it still might be bloating.

  3. i hold all my squishy poof around my belly/ i guess my body is fighting really hard to keep it - UGH! i know it's a long slow process...i/we will get there!

  4. I'm beginning to think it's hormones/age/motherhood.