Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 5. No wine, no ponies.

 A few months ago, my girlfriends & I signed up for "Wine & Ponies" at a school auction. My girlfriends and I did it last year too and it was really fun and we all got really drunk on nice wine and ate great food while watching horses jump over stuff. I was going to go just to hang out with my friends, but because I was so tired from the detoxing, I just couldn't rally for what would be "Water and Ponies" and carrots (for me, not the horses). I know at least one of my friends was disappointed that I didn't go, and although I know I can be fun and funny without alcohol, i'm no fun when I'm tired and just want to go to sleep.
So what did I do instead?
I went to Treehouse with Butch and my daughter! Treehouse has the BEST pizza and really good wines by the glass. I walked in and was engulfed in the warm smells of pizza dough, cheese and italian spices. I turned to Butch and said, "It smells SO good in here." And cried a little inside. And then I looked around and saw everyone enjoying their pizzas, beers and wine and I ended up killing everyone in the restaurant. It was a bloodbath! And then I ate all their pizza and drank all their wine! A SWAT team descended upon me and killed me, but at least I died full of pizza and wine and was happy. Butch and my daughter were sad that this happened and my daughter will probably need a lifetime of therapy, but they understood. And Butch was just a tad relieved that  he could cook anything he wanted from now on.

(None of that really happened, but the way. Everyone is alive, including me.)

We were shown to our table and I ordered the cobb salad hold the tomatoes and blue cheese dressing and no- I'm fine with just water, thanks.
Butch ordered an Old Mill (my favorite), a beer and then a glass of wine, and then stopped at Walt's on the way home so Butch could get a bottle of red wine. (He's saving our good red wine for when I start drinking again, on June 1. THAT is love, people).

We got home and my daughter and Butch had ice cream And for some reason I was the one who had to dish it out to them! That is love on MY part, nut not on Butch's part. That was just mean.

I should've gone to hang out with my girlfriends. I'm sure they're all like, "Told you so!"  OK, you're right, bitches! Next time, ok??

Tomorrow is the last day of week one! So that's kinda cool.

Today's Meals
Breakfast: Mixed berry smoothie with chia seed, hemp & seed protein powder
organic pork sausage with greens
sencha tea

Snack: apples with homemade almond butter, water

lunch: ground beef with leftover's from Friday night's dinner (veggies and pesto), water

Snack: The Smoothie

Dinner: Salad with chicken, avocado, green apples and oil & vinegar, water

dessert: mashed bananas with almond butter, water


  1. Who the hell is Butch? Butch?
    Now I really regret reading this blog.

  2. From now on, you will be Lefty.

  3. hey! frozen bananas + food processor = BANANA ICE CREAM!!