Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 3. I just want some coffee.

Today at about 3:00 I got a huge craving for coffee. Even as a decaf drinker, I love coffee. I love the taste of it, especially dry processed coffees from Africa, I love the smell of it and I love it as an after-meal digestif. It's not something that any tea can replace. And of course, living in the coffee mecca of the United States, I drive and walk past really good coffee shops several times a day. Ah well. Just the day's lament.

This morning:
I don't know why I wake up SO tired and needing at least another hour of sleep when I'm not even drinking alcohol! I guess maybe it's because I need more sleep. Or I have cancer.* (Wow, I should really be a doctor).

*Note: I'm absolutely terrified of getting cancer. So much so that whenever something is wrong with my body, my first thought is, "I finally got cancer." (not finally as in, "Wow! I finally got to have sex with Jake Gyllenhall!). It's like I'm expecting it so I go immediately to the worst diagnosis possible when I feel a lump in my arm or I haven't pooped for days. My husband (let's call him Butch to protect his identity) thinks I'm a hypochondriac, but I just think it's better to be prepared for the worst so that when you find out that the lump is just a skin tag you can say, "whew. At least I don't have cancer!"

When I got up I took this picture of my belly, because I hate myself. It's just like yesterday's morning picture, I think. This belly is ok. With just a bit of toning, this belly would rock. But I have the rest of the day ahead and trust me, it will bloat.

For breakfast I had green tea and then made a wonderful breakfast of a mixed berry smoothie, quinoa cereal with apples, & organic pork sausage with sautéed greens. Hopefully this will help stave off the ravenous hunger I had yesterday around 11:00. It's 10:18 now, so we're on track already.
Here's my breakfast. Turn your head to the right and remember that I am not a food photographer. It was actually quite good. Except the "cereal" which is a lot like cream of wheat only it's cream of quinoa and flavorless. That's why I add salt and a shit-ton of apple.

Lunch was out with my friend Morgan at the Pub. I had an all-organic salad with chicken and and oil & vinegar and water to drink. Good thing he was paying because that's a TOTAL waste of a a trip to the Pub. But not for him - he got fish and chips which I didn't even look at once because I think I might have cried. He didn't even get a beer (thanks, Morgan!), he got an Arnold Palmer, which I don't really like, but I was still totally jealous because it wasn't water.

I made my awesome banana/almond butter smoothie mid-afternoon and it was awesome, so from now on it's just called "The Awesome Smoothie," or siply. "THE Smoothie."

Butch made a yummy dinner of steak topped with a pesto of parsley, capers, rosemary & anchovies and a side of broccoli. It was super yum and I made a dessert of - wait for it - mashed bananas and almond butter that I ate with a spoon. I am a GENIUS when it comes to bananas and almond butter, so you're welome for that.

No belly photo before bed. I fell asleep on the couch around 10:30 then had to clean the kitchen and went to bed because, did I mention I get really tired now that I don't booze it up in the evenings?
But trust me, my food baby made her appearance, just like yesterday. So if you're really wondering what it looked like, look at yesterday's before-bed photo. But a advise against it. It's ugly.

It was a good day. No screaming hunger pangs. Only felt deprived of coffee for about a minute.
3 down, 18 to go. 18! That's all! That sounds do-able.


  1. you are hilarious & i love your blog. i also wish i had a "Butch" to make me yummy dinners! ;) also--your belly is already rockin! seriously. but I get the bloat too -- it is SO uncomfortable and very frustrating. :(
    can you have coconut? my new fave evening "treat" involves lightly toasting big coconut flakes (unsweetened of course, at T & C in the bulk section) and sprinkling with cinnamon and a touch a sea salt. super yum if you love coconut like i do!

  2. That sounds delicious! I'll try it!!