Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 2. Hungry and tired. And bloated. Don't forget bloated.

Day 2.
Breakfast: 1 cup sencha tea, mixed berry smoothie with hemp seed powder & chia seed
Lunch: giant salad of kale and lettuce, apples, carrots & walnuts with lemon juice & olive oil
I'm STILL hungry!
I just made some almond butter and am going to make a banana and almond butter smoothie. YUM.

Oh my god - this smoothie is SO GOOD.Rice milk+homemade almond butter+one banana. SO GOOD!!!! I'm going to have to plan all my meals around having 2 of these smoothies a day or I'm going to gain weight on this elimination diet!! I kinda love myself right now for making this deliciousness in a 12-oz glass.

Wow! Things are working already! I had the most epic poop this afternoon!

Snack: Almonds, wwalnuts & pumpkin seeds. Sencha tea.

Around 4:00 I got REALLY tired and hungry. Must remember to bring snacks with me when I'm out running errands. Because I'm kind of like a toddler now.

Dinner: roasted chicken breasts and veggies (carrots, fennel, brussels sprouts), water Thanks husband! You really ARE the best husband  and the best cook.

Not drinking wine makes me tired. Honestly, I'm ready for bed by about 9:00, but that's dinnertime, so I power through until past 11:00. Cuz I'm really smart.

Today wasn't so bad except for when I got so hungry while running errands. I didn't eat enough for breakfast and fell short on my water intake. My mood is pretty good and I don't miss wine at all. In fact, walking past the wine in the grocery today I thought to myself, "That stuff burns going down." I know. ME. I thought that. Weird. I did kinda want some after the kids pissed me off by misbehaving and then whining. (Whine begets wine, I've found.) But it passed and I got a pint of water and a book instead.

Tomorrow, Day 3, I'm looking forward to another amazing smoothie!!!!!!! (I made Mark buy a second bunch of bananas at the store tonight because I foresee a lot of these in my future).
I took pix today but will post tomorrow. I'm too tired now.

Here's what happens to my belly throughout the day:

                                  First thing in the morning. No problem! I would happily wear a bikini.

1:30 pm. Starting to pop out a bit.

Right before bed at 11:45 pm. I look 3 months pregnant!! And this is without gluten, any grains or sugar. Honestly, WTF?

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